The Fighting Arts Academy

Open Mat



19:30 – 20:30

MMA Open Mat at TFAA (E4 Health & Fitness)


20:00 – 21:30

BJJ Open Mat at Arlans Siqueria (Synergy Fitness)


The Fighting Arts Academy is a strong team that more often than not feels more like a family.That said, as a practitioner, your journey in martial-arts is a very unique and personal one.

The set of skills required to be effective in combat is both broad and diverse. Everyone has there own strengths and weaknesses and there are often far too many variables to cater for the specific needs of every individual in a structured class setting.

People will have different body-types, strength levels, agility and flexibility levels, a preference for striking and pugilism, for the grappling arts, for gi vs no-gi techniques, an offensive vs defensive game. etc etc.

Our openmat sessions allow individuals the freedom to focus on a particular area of their game and seek the advice and guidance of their peers. This might take the form of an impromptu technique clinic, a cardio and conditioning session or sparring session where new skills can be battle-tested.

Openmats provide an essential way to disseminate information and a crucial way to learn and field techniques in an environment where the martial arts are constantly evolving.

Our Wednesday openmat at The Fighting Arts Academy covers the gamut of mixed-martial arts.

Our Friday openmat takes place at our affiliate club Arlans Siqueira Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and has a grappling focus. This session allows our more senior students to regularly test their abilities against the higher belts that often attend. Please note that the venue for the Friday openmat session is Synergy Fitness and is only available to those with a paid up annual membership.

Students who participate in our openmat sessions already have a foundation built within our MMA Striking or MMA Grappling classes.