The Fighting Arts Academy


A New Starters Survival Guide


 The journey of 1000 miles…

…begins with a single step. Around 90% of students who start training here are complete beginners and, at the start, fitness levels vary a lot. Our mission is to champion diversity:

Mixed Martial-Arts for Everyone
— - The Fighting Arts Academy

Our fighting family comprises people of all ages, genders and sizes. We work with everyone from complete beginners to professional fighters. If you train with us, you’ll gain some serious skills and make some great friends along the way.


A Few of the Benefits…

  • Cardiovascular Health

  • Muscular Strength, Endurance & Tone

  • Flexibility

  • Core Stability and Balance

  • Speed and Agility

  • Effective Self Defence

  • Body Composition

  • Weight-Loss

  • Confidence

  • Discipline

  • Mental Toughness

  • Self-Defence

  • Make great friends

  • Have Fun! 

Whats Your Excuse?

I’m too old / tired / unfit.

I’m not very strong or flexible.

I’m scared that I’ll get hurt / hit.

I’m not sure women / kids should do this.

I’m worried about an old injury.

I think MMA sounds scary.


We’ve Heard These Excuses Before...

None of them are valid. Come talk to us and see for yourself.

MMA is the perfect way to get into shape. Men and women of all levels of fitness, ability and age enjoy the training at our classes. Training MMA raises your confidence levels, reduces stress and massively boosts your energy. Every student comments on how supportive, friendly and welcoming the club is - indeed, that’s the only attitude we believe is appropriate for training.

All you need is will-power and the desire to succeed.

Let us take care of the rest.

A Black-Belt is just a White-Belt who never gave up...

Your first class is free too so you have nothing to lose... everything to gain.


Your First Class Checklist

  • Tracksuit bottoms or shorts (with no zips or buttons) & a T-Shirt

  • A big bottle of water

  • The will-power and the desire to become better than you were yesterday...

  • If you have a BJJ Kimono (Gi) or 16oz Boxing Gloves bring them (if you don’t - don’t worry as we have equipment at the club)

  • Sometimes bringing a friend helps (dutch courage!). But please don’t worry - we are a friendly and welcoming bunch

    The only thing you won’t need is your ego. You can leave that at home...

Fight Like A Girl?

 Becoming a great fighter isn’t about having a Y-chromosome... its about heart, tenacity and the burning desire to be better than you were yesterday.

The landmark introduction of the Women's Bantamweight division by the UFC was a victory for all women and the sport of MMA. Women fighters have hit the primetime. Stars like "Rowdy" Ronda Rousey (former Olympic Judo medalist) catapulted women’s mixed-martial arts into the headlines.

A sport traditionally riddled with machismo and misogyny has been truly transformed. Bouts between women now often headline fight-cards. It’s a rare sporting situation where female athletes receive equal billing and equal ‘game time’ to their male counterparts.

We take great pride in having a growing number of dedicated and talented women members at The Fighting Arts Academy..

Many students have achieved new found levels of fitness and self-confidence through regular MMA training. Get fighting-fit fast! Forget Zumba, Spinning, Boxercise or the gym... This is the all-round workout you have been looking for! You will look great, feel great, make friends and learn some seriously valuable life-skills at the same time.

Also - we are an overtly feminist club that champions diversity in all its forms. That means we train everyone equally hard and treat everyone on the mat with the respect they deserve.