The Fighting Arts Academy


Brazlian Jiujitsu | Judo | Sanshou | Muay Thai


You don’t have to be a “Cage-Fighter” to learn MMA.

We understand that joining an MMA gym can be an intimidating experience for beginners!

The Fighting Arts Academy is a Mixed Martial-Arts club for everyone. Learn the martial-arts used in the World of MMA and Cage-Fighting including…

We understand that not everyone is training for a professional MMA bout. But just because you may not want to step into the cage and fight like an Ultimate Fighter, it doesn't mean you can't train like one!

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Good Facilities. Great Coaches.

We are a friendly mixed martial-arts club located within E4 Health & Fitness Centre in Highams Park in London UK.

Great facilities include a weights gym, fully matted area, full-sized boxing-ring, punch/kick bags, changing rooms and other facilities. Our coaches are expert martial-arts practitioners who are fully insured and CRB checked.


Fitness, Self-Defence, Competition or Just For Fun...

MMA provides a great way to get in shape, meet wonderful, driven and goal oriented people with a common passion for the arts. MMA is a great basis for self defence, and for learning life skills. There are countless stress relieving and rejuvenating qualities that can be had by training in MMA.

We work hard as a club and will always go the extra-mile to bring the best out of our students. People might have different training goals but we are here to help everyone reach their potential, goals and ambitions. There is martial arts saying that “iron sharpens iron”. The Fighting Arts Academy often feels more like a family than a sports team.


Mixed Martial-Arts as a sport only successfully evolved because people were willing to break down the silos that existed between traditional styles. By keeping an open mind, evaluating things on merit and disregarding prejudice or pre-conception – a new paradigm in combat sports was born. The discipline became a melting-pot where the diverse tapestry of the martial arts came together.


No Egos. No Machismo. No In-tolerance of any kind.

We are an actively inclusive organisation, and would love to welcome more women, people of colour, LGBTQ+ people and those from other marginalised communities and faiths to our team.

We recognise the value of diverse perspectives - and the fact that they are often under represented within the martial-arts. If we can help change that, we will.